One of the greatest (and most underrated) drummers, Paul Lagos features Terry Burns and Steve Slagle on this live recording. Produced by Terry Burns.

The finest players in the Midwest make up this exciting big band. This is the second offering from the JazzMN Big Band. Available at

Connie Evingson features some of the greats in jazz on this recording  including Toots Theilmann, Irv Williams, Al Grey, Terry Burns, Phil Hey, and Bobby Peterson. Available at

Connie Evingson’s “Let it be Jazz” features jazz arrangements of Beatles tunes. Features Terry Burns, Phil Hey, Jay Epstein, Anthony Cox, Gordy Johnson, Mary Lousie Knutson and others. Available at

Connie Evingson’s debut CD featuring Terry Burns, Phil Hey, Dave Karr, and Sandford Moore.Available at

Pete Whitman features Terry Burns, Phil Hey, Bobby Peterson, Dave Jensen, and Jeff Rinear on this recording.

With Others

As a Leader

Coming Soon! Original Music Inspired by the sights and sounds of New Mexico. Summer 2015 release. Available at

“Freehand” was Terry’s 1st recording as a leader and features Phil Hey on Drums and Pete Whitman on Saxophone. “Freehand” was nominated for “Jazz Recording of the Year” by the Minnesota Music Awards.Sold Out!

Dave Stryker's follow up to "Shades of Miles," featuring Dave Stryker, Terry Burns, Steve Slagle, David Berkman, and Lenny White. Available at

Guitar great Dave Stryker features Terry Burns, Steve Slagle, Brian Lynch, Marc Copland, Larry Goldings, Billy Hart. Jazziz Magazine called “Shades of Miles” one of the best recordings of 2000.” Available at

Cuban piano phenomenon Nachito Herrera features Gordy Knudtson and Shay Hayo along with Terry Burns on this incredible recording. 3-star review in DownBeat Magazine.Available at

Chicago tenor legend Von Freeman features Terry Burns, Phil Hey and the great Bobby Peterson on this live recording. 4-star review in DownBeat Magazine.

Award-winning vocalist Connie Evingson’s tribute to Peggy Lee features Terry Burns, Phil Hey, Sandford Moore, and Dave Karr. Available at

Vocalist Judi Donaghy’s debut CD features Terry Burns, Brett Forberg, Rick Carlson, and Doug Haining. Produced by Judi Donaghy and Terry Burns. Available at

The debut CD from pianist Laura Caviani features Terry Burns and Jay Epstein. Available at

Story City’s debut CD featuring Terry Burns, Steve Jennings, Karl Koopman, Andrew Schwandt, Sean Turner, Steve Faison, and Shai Hayo. Recorded by Chopper Black. Produced by Terry Burns and Steve Jennings.Available at

Tenor great Irv Williams’ debut CD features Terry Burns, Mikel Romstead, and Kenny Horst.

“Going Home” features Dave Stryker on Guitar, Todd Straight on Drums, and Anton Denner on Saxophone. “Going Home” was also nominated for “Jazz Recording of the Year” from the Minnesota Music Awards.Available at